Connecting members

The MUA is more than an association. It connects committed Moodlers from around the world. This exclusive expert community gives you opportunities to connect with like-minded people from other countries and continents.

"Without the Moodle Users Association I wouldn't have been able to launch the project for deeper integration of the Safe Exam Browser in Moodle core. Although the MUA wasn't directly involved in the project, it was a crucial factor in connecting me with the right people."

Thomas Korner
Thomas Korner, co-initiator of the project for improved integration between Moodle and Safe Exam Browser, which is part of Moodle 3.9

Town Hall meetings - Insights, previews, expert voices

Online Town Hall meetings are held twice a month to suit time zones all over the world (UTC 8am and UTC 6pm). With a variety of topics and time for open discussions, they are a great opportunity to get previews of new features, hear about the vision of Moodle core team staff members and discuss with Moodle experts worldwide. From time to time we have special events such as “Ask Martin anything” with Moodle CEO Martin Dougiamas joining the Town Hall meeting, a unique opportunity indeed!

Forum - Get quick answers from experts

Just another forum? No! The official forum is great, and MUA members are active there too, but sometimes you can lose focus in this huge community. Within the MUA Forum you receive fast answers from expert Moodle users.

Conferences - Meet and greet

The MUA plays an active role in MoodleMoots around the world. We try to set up a booth, where you can jump in and get in touch with us.

Committee - even more insights and connections

Each year MUA members elect a committee of ten people to lead the association. This committee of volunteers is responsible for all MUA operations. Committee members are in close contact with the Moodle core team and become part of a leadership network. If you are able to spare some time and would like to step forward in the MUA, watch out for the call in early August.