The future of the MUA

Moodle is establishing a new Product Advisory Group (PAG) that will be responsible to help guide and develop the evolving roadmap for the Moodle open source LMS. This roadmap will define the projects focused on by the Moodle HQ developers. The MUA is being invited to become a key part of the PAG’s creation, using the experience, expertise and creativity of its membership to more effectively and collaboratively shape the direction of Moodle.

This will change the function of the MUA as it is now, focusing on its ideas rather than its financial contributions. While the operational process of the PAG is still under definition, it is an initiative that will move the MUA more cohesively into the Moodle project. At the same time, there is work underway to develop better community financial contribution models that will allow roadmap projects to be funded in ways similar to the current MUA models, but with the goal of expanding the reach of these contributions. The committee has been collaboratively involved with Moodle HQ in these discussions, and has concluded that aligning the MUA with this initiative is a positive and constructive way forward.

Inclusion of MUA members into the new PAG will begin immediately, allowing our members to participate in and influence Moodle’s future. Going forward, the MUA will continue to accept single year memberships until the new funding platform is in place. This is scheduled to be ready in Q1 2024. When this platform is in place, new memberships and renewals will no longer be accepted. The existing memberships will continue to use their fees to fund the remaining year of MUA projects, ending in Q1 January 2025. At the same time, the new funding platform will also fund the defined roadmap. These dates are subject to change. Please check with the MUA committee if you are unsure. 

The committee believes that this is a great evolution of the MUA, and will make its mandate stronger and more effective. Nonetheless, this change must be approved by MUA members in an official vote.

Shape the future of Moodle today.

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