About membership

Expand your horizons with a Moodle Users Association membership

Any person or organisation can be a member, except organisations whose primary function is to provide commercial LMS services.

There are four membership levels:

Logo for individual membership


  • 100 AUDˆ
    per annum*
  • 100 voting points
  • 1 person per membership
  • 1 project proposal per project cycle
Logo for organization bronze membership

Organisation - Bronze

  • 1000 AUDˆ
    per annum*
  • 1000 voting points
  • 2 persons per membership
  • 2 project proposals per project cycle
Logo for organization silver membership

Organisation - Silver

  • 2,500 AUDˆ
    per annum*
  • 2,500 voting points
  • 6 persons per membership
  • 6 project proposals per project cycle
Logo for organization gold membership

Organisation - Gold

  • 10,000+ AUDˆ
    per annum*
  • 10,000 voting points
  • 10 persons per membership
  • 10 project proposals per project cycle

* Memberships are due annually from the date of the initial payment.

ˆ GST applies for Australian members.

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What is the difference between the different membership types?

All members can engage in all Association activities.

Organisations can invite a set number of additional persons from the organisation to engage in Association activity on behalf of the organisation. The person who signs up is the lead participant. 

Voting is affected by your membership level. Each dollar of membership provides you with 1 voting point - so the higher the membership level, the greater the voting power. For organisation members, the lead participant casts the votes for the organisation.

Can I give more money to the Association?

You can!  Additional donations are added to the pool of money to fund development projects. Extra donations do not receive any more voting points than the highest level (10,000).

What happens to my membership fee?

It is used to fund successfully voted development projects. A small proportion is used for necessary Association business (such as taxes, fees and reporting).  All of this is reported to Members.

What is GST and do I have to pay it?

GST is Australia's Goods and Services Tax. As the Association is Incorporated in Western Australia, in accordance with Australian law, Australian members must pay GST when paying for memberships. Information is provided on the invoice and receipt. All non-Australian members are exempt from Australian GST.

How do I join?

Joining is easy:

  1. Click on the green button above OR the login link on the top right screen OR this link!
  2. Fill in the signup form. You will then receive an email with an invoice (and three payment methods: credit card, PayPal or bank transfer).
  3. Pay the invoice. You will receive an email to confirm your successful payment, following which you can log in and get active!

Not ready to become a Moodle Users Association member? You can contribute to Moodle in other ways. Find out more here.