How it works

The project development cycle is a key MUA activity. Up to twice a year, members work through a cycle of project proposal development and project voting.

General timeline of a project cycle

  • Phase 1: Project development phase

    Up to 4 months
    During this initial phase, all MUA members are invited to propose projects to be realised as advancement of Moodle core. Additionally, all MUA members are encouraged to comment on other member' proposals and to help developing the specifications.

  • Phase 2: Project consolidation phase

    Up to 1 month
    In this second phase, the proposals at hand are reviewed by the MUA committee and by Moodle HQ with the goal to have a shortlist of realizable projects as well as reliable costs. During this phase, the proposals still can be discussed and improved by the whole membership.

  • Phase 3: 1st Voting phase

    Up to 1 month
    Within the voting phase, all MUA members vote one (or few) winning project(s). After first voting phase is complete, the top 5 projects will be taken to Moodle HQ with whom we will discuss which ones meet their criteria and are within MUA’s resource constraints. All those who don’t meet the criteria, will be eliminated from the next voting phase

  • Phase 4: 2nd Voting phase

    Up to 1 month
    This is the last voting phase. Once voting has ended, the project with the most votes will be selected and passed onto finalisation and implementation.

  • Phase 5: Finalisation

    As soon as possible
    The MUA provides Moodle HQ, i.e. the Moodle core development team, with the project requirements and funding to start with developing and testing.

  • Phase 6: Implementation

    Once phase 5 is completed
    The project will be implemented with the next Moodle release

  • Subsequent work

    All the project proposals that haven't been selected, may be rolled over by the MUA committee or any of the members into a later cycle to be voted on again.

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