Successful Projects

Successful projects under development

These projects are currently under development at Moodle Pty Ltd, having passed through a Project Development Cycle and been voted by the Membership. You can monitor progress via each project's unique MUA issue number in the Moodle Tracker*.

Project Description

Course Overview Block in Dashboard Improvements


Bring back functionality of hiding an re-arranging courses manually. Improve the overview block in coping with a huge number of courses. Proposal details, see MDL-61384

Project Cycle: January - June 2018

Anticipated release: Moodle 3.6, Nov 2018
Development Epic: TBA

Proposer: Luca Bosch, Switzerland, BFH Bern University of Applied Sciences - Silver membership

Fix analytical tools for random quiz questions


In randomized question pools, the current display of question response statistics to instructors is inconsistent and confusing. This project aims make the statistics page consistent and clear for all quizzes, thus improving the overall pedagogical effectiveness and attractiveness of Moodle.

Project Cycle: July - December 2017

Anticipated release: Moodle 3.6, Nov 2018
Development Epic: MDL-62610

Proposer: Andrew Roderick, USA, California State University - Gold membership

Successfully completed projects

These projects have been voted by the members, put to Moodle Pty Ltd for development and are now in Moodle Core.

Project Description
Expanded question bank
Tags may be added and filtered directly in the Question bank and when adding random questions.

Released: Moodle 3.5, May 2018, see: 
Development EPIC: MDL-61066

Proposer: Trevor Jones, Canada, University of Alberta - Gold membership

Calendar improvements
Improve the calendar interface and user experience to be similar to familiar online calendaring systems, e.g. Google calendar. Use AJAX to enable refresh without reload, and add/update more easily. Make small-screen responsive, and enable adding events at category level.

Released: Moodle 3.4, 15 Nov 2017, See:

Proposer: Stephen Bourget, USA, Individual member

Improve My Course completion display
Improve the activity and course completion information displayed on the My Courses overview on My Dashboard.

Released: Moodle 3.3, 15 May 2017, See:

Proposer: Gemma Lesterhuis, Netherlands, Individual member.

Integrate Recycle Bin into Moodle core

Add the recyclebin plugin to Moodle core. It enables users to restore items previously deleted.

Released: Moodle 3.1, 23 May 2016, See:

Special Note: This project is the outcome of a small test development cycle by the Early Member group and was uniquely limited in size.

Proposer: Nick Thompson, USA, University of California Los Angeles, Gold membership

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