Successful Projects

Current Projects

These projects are currently under development at Moodle Pty Ltd, having passed through a Project Development Cycle and been voted by the Membership. You can monitor progress via each project's unique MUA issue number in the Moodle Tracker*.

Project Description
My Course Overview: Activity Status

As a project for the Moodle User Association, I suggest a review and/or a redesign of the My Courses overview that's been used on My Dashboard.

The main purpose of the Course Overview block would be to give a better overview on what is going on in a course, without students/teachers having to go to the course.

On request of MUA / HQ this documentation only describes a first step where we focus on activity and course completion only. 

Proposer: Gemma Lesterhuis

Previous Projects

These projects have been voted by the members, put to Moodle Pty Ltd for development and are now in Moodle Core.

Project Description
Integrate Recycle Bin into Moodle core

This project is to take the recyclebin plugin and add to core, so that users can restore items previously deleted.

Special Note: This project is the outcome of a small test development cycle by the Early member group and was uniquely limited in size.

Proposer: Nick Thompson, University of California Los Angeles, USA

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