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Coming together to design the next Moodle.

The Moodle Users Association provides a way for users to contribute to Moodle development.  A committee is voted in annually and registration is always open.  

The Moodle learning platform is an open-source software project that has grown since 2002 under the direction of Moodle Pty Ltd and is used in hundreds of thousands of institutions and workplaces world-wide.

The Moodle Users Association is an official non-profit organisation dedicated to contributing towards the core development of Moodle.

Why join the Moodle Users Association?

Our Mission

The mission of the Moodle Users Association is to support the growth of Moodle by providing a strong and united voice to users, giving direction and resources for new developments.

By joining the Association you will have a real say in deciding which Moodle features will get implemented next, even if you or your organisation are not developers or don't have enough funds to hire developers.

The Moodle Users Association does not impact the wonderful things being done by the Moodle Community and Moodle Partners. It is simply an additional way to become directly involved in Moodle.

Be a part of something bigger.

How does it work?

There are four levels of membership ranging from individuals to large organisations.

As a member, you directly engage in Association Activity - a collaborative process of proposing and then voting on which new features will be developed and added to Moodle core.

In this way you help ensure Association-selected projects are adequately funded for development, while also enhancing your professional network through collaboration with other Association members.

    The process involves:

    • proposing projects for developments that you believe Moodle needs
    • collaboratively developing requirements for your proposed development project
    • helping the development of other projects through discussion and input
    • voting for projects to be developed by Moodle Pty Ltd funded by your membership fees.

How is the Moodle Users Association managed?

A Committee elected by the membership manages the functions of the Association. Any Association member (an individual or an organisation) is eligible to be elected to take part on the Committee. Further details are in the Governance and Rules pages.

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Want to learn more or see what our members are discussing?

Every month, we host two town hall meetings that are now open to anyone that would like to connect.  They are held over Zoom Video Conferencing on the first Tuesday of every month at 8:00 AM UTC and the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 PM UTC. (Second and third Tuesday if the first Tuesday is a holiday in many regions.)  Click on the link below to join.

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