Frequently asked questions before joining

If you are thinking about joining MUA as a new member, you surely will have questions. We have collected the most frequently asked questions on this page for you.

  • All members can engage in all MUA activities - regardless of their membership level!

    Organisations can invite a certain number of additional people from the organisation to engage in MUA activity on their behalf.

    Voting is a function of your membership level. Each Australian dollar of membership provides you with 1 voting point - so the higher the membership level, the greater your voting power.

  • You can!

    Additional donations are added to the pool of development project funds. But extra donations are not rewarded with more than the top level (10,000) of voting points.

  • Your membership fee is used to fund our development projects. A small proportion is used for required MUA business administration (such as taxes and services).

  • GST is Australian Goods and Services Tax. As the MUA is incorporated in Western Australia, in accordance with Australian law, Australian members must pay GST on all transactions, including membership fees. All non-Australian members are exempt from Australian GST.

  • Joining is easy:

    1. Go to the Registration page.
    2. Fill in the sign-up form. You will then receive an email with an invoice. You have three payment options: credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.
    3. Pay the invoice. You will receive an email to confirm your payment, following which you can log in and get active!
  • You can download our informative brochure from the link below.

    Moodle Users Association Brochure - Oh! And, Please, feel free to share it with anyone! ;).

    You can also contact us with any questions at: