Project proposals

What is a Moodle Users Association Project?

A project is the name, description, and detailed requirements of something to be developed in Moodle core.

How do I propose a project?

Step 1: Create a Project

It's easy - login, go to your Dashboard and click on the link to the Project Development Cycle course, and then click on the Suggest Project button. Any member can do this - but be warned, once you create a project you are the responsible person - the Project Manager - for the proposal and its requirements. 

Step 2: Provide the initial project outline

Project manager provides a name, project description and basic initial requirements and ensures Moodle collaboration tools are enabled so that all members can share the discussion, e.g. discussion forum and wiki.   The initial outline does not have to have the full details and requirements but you should be prepared to provide these if your project is chosen to move to the next level (there will be an initial member vote to decide which projects should be sent to Moodle HQ for cost estimates).

Step 3: Develop project requirements

Develop full, detailed requirements* of the work being proposed. It is meant to be collaborative, so seek and include input from other members and the wider Moodle community.  It is important to follow the guidelines and provide as much detail as possible so that it can be estimated correctly.

Step 4: Receive project estimate

Moodle HQ provides cost estimates for proposed projects once requirements have sufficient detail. Estimates cover the full cost from start to end of the software development process.

*What should requirements include?

These provide as much detail of the why and the what of the proposed development - what is needed by the system user and what properties the system requires. Include use cases, information known plugins and other external developments, workflow diagrams and other pictorial explanations, any other influencing information, but especially what specifically do you want to work for whom and how.

Developers need to know exactly what is expected and needed and how it should work, and members know the details of what they are voting for on behalf of the Moodle world.

Please note if you are looking to simply report an issue on Moodle, use the Tracker or the Community Forums.