Return on Investment

Why you should invest in the Moodle User's Association

An investment in the Moodle User's Association is a direct investment in the development of Moodle software.  If you are currently using Moodle, one of the major benefits is the cost - or lack thereof!  Any other LMS that has the robustness of the Moodle package would be costing your organization considerably more than you are paying now (even taking into account server and staff costs).  And, as we all know, with other LMS systems, there is little to no customization available.

When you invest in the Moodle User's Association, you are not just donating funds with no control.  On the contrary, the more you invest, the more influence you have over what project gets selected and sent on to Moodle for inclusion in the core software package.  

As part of the Moodle User's Association, you are part of a community of users that cares about the future of Moodle and regularly comes together to discuss topics of interest.  Our monthly town hall meetings are not just a place for discussion but ideas are shared directly with Moodle HQ and HQ frequently has an attendee at the meetings.