The discussion forum is one of the most effective means of achieving student-to-student interaction and collaboration crucial to the formation of an online community. Because it shifts responsibility for learning onto the community of students, the forum is an excellent active learning tool that promotes critical thinking. However, in order for instructors to leverage this tool fully, they need a robust, yet streamlined method for providing substantive feedback that encourages students to participate fully.

Evaluating forum participation using “Ratings” is insufficient. There is no simple way to collate/view all of the posts/replies from a single student, ratings require a very granular approach to evaluation (each individual post must be rated), and there is no way to provide private comments. In addition, ratings don’t allow the use of rubrics--a common method for assessing forum participation. Therefore, we propose incorporating the new grading interface in Moodle Assignments (with the advanced grading features of rubrics and grading guides) into Forums.


  • Project size: medium
  • Audience: primary schools, universities
  • Target users: teachers


  • Adopt grader interface used in the Assignment activity for Forum activity
  • Integrate advanced grading methods into Forum activity
  • Provide an integrated method for clarifying assignment expectations
  • Streamline holistic grading of participation in online discussions
  • Supply substantive feedback for students

Use cases

See screencast of MoodleRooms proposal:

Links to existing tracker issues, forum discussions, contrib plugins

A proposal from MoodleRooms has been presented through this discussion forum: 

"Advanced Grading in Forums"
This tracker item has seen some development efforts (including some code for the back-end) and would tie directly into this project.


A tour of the forum activity with this implementation 

Activity grading interface specifications:

Further reading


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