How can I add or change the participants in my organisation's membership?

This applies to Gold, Silver and Bronze members. Additional users added to an organisation's membership are called "participants".

Only the Lead Participant of the organisation can add or change participants of the membership team.

  1. Go to your member page. You can find it by going to the MEMBERSHIP menu item at the top and selecting Members. Then click on your organisation's membership name.  
                Screenshot of menu membership > members

    The direct link is:

  2. In the list of participants, the lead participant will have a head-and-shoulders icon next to the name. If you are the only participant, then you are the lead, and there is no icon. 
             Screenshot of an organisation's lead participant with head icon

  3. You will also have a pencil icon. Click on the pencil icon - this allows you to invite other people to be part of the organisation's membership, remove participants, or to change who is the lead participant.

  4. This page tell you how many participants an organisation can have depending on its membership level:

Note: Only the Lead Participant can

  1. invite others to join
  2. change the lead participant of the organisation
  3. allocate votes for the membership in any voting event (e.g. voting for projects, voting for Committee members)
  4. receive the organisation's membership badge
  5. receive invoices at renewal time
  6. receive other direct communication.

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