How do I enter my project proposal?

Submitting an MUA proposal in the Moodle Tracker:

  1. Ensure you have followed the steps necessary to use the tracker ( in the Tracker introduction document.
  2. Login to the tracker and look for the “Create” button. Use it to create a new tracker issue.
  3. Once you have pressed the create button, you will see a form like the following. Complete all of the required parts.
  4. Project. Choose the “Moodle (MDL)” project from the dropdown.
  5. Issue Type. Choose either “Improvement” or “New Feature”, depending on what is being proposed.
  6. Summary and Description. Add a descriptive title for the proposal to the Summary field. Add all of the project template sections to the description.
  7. The description needs the Overview, Requirements, Summary, Goals, Use cases, Links and any other resources and information useful to the proposal.
  8. Affects Version. Select the most recent Moodle version.
  9. Components. Look for the most applicable Moodle component.
  10. Click the Create button. You can ignore the other fields.
  11. Go to the tracker item you just created and assign the MUA label to it. Click the pencil icon next to the “Labels” field, and start to type “MUA”. When you see “MUA” in the selections, click it, and click the checkmark icon.
  12. Discussion and comments can continue on the tracker item using the comments features. Additional files can be attached to the issue using the “Attachments” section.
  13. Then use the normal process to add your proposal to the MUA site through the project course.  Go to the Project page and click on Suggest Project button.  Add a link to the Moodle Tracker item and a brief description to the summary, clear out the content section and submit.
  14. See Advanced grading method proposal from July - December cycle - for an example.

Moodle docs on tracker:

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