How do I vote for a project?

Individual members will have the ability to vote for projects to be developed in the next project development cycle. Organisation members will have one person nominated to vote for that organisation.

To vote:

  1. Log in to the MUA Community Moodle site.
  2. Browse to the current Project Development Cycle Moodle course.
  3. Scroll down to see details of the proposed projects.
  4. If you like a project you can vote for it. You can spread your votes out between different projects and you can reallocate your votes if you change your mind during the voting period.

    screen capture

    The number in the upper box represents the current total number of votes the project has received. The number in the lower box is the number of votes that you have cast for this project.

  5. To see who has voted for this project, click on the top number.
  6. To change your vote, click on the bottom number.
Bear in mind, if you wish to vote on behalf of an organisation (Gold, Silver or Bronze), you need to be the lead participant.

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