How can I have the UTC and my local time for events?

Timezone Demystification

Many of us are on different time zones.

Events are scheduled at time based on the UTC setting.

Of course, you can set timezone from your profile.

But, in order to have directly, in real time, the UTC time and your local time, we propose you to add an HTML block in your dashboard by inserting a small specific code.

1. Create the Widget code

  • Search UTC and select it

  • Click on the generated code and copy it

2. Add a new HTML block

  • Add a new HTML block

  • Configure this new block

  • Add a block title and show more button to active HTML mode*

  • Paste the widget code

  • Save changes

You have now the UTC time for all events (TownHall Meeting, Voting sessions...) and your local time in the same block.

You can customize better your widget and the block :

Hope it will be usefull.

*If you are using TinyMCE HTML Editor, it's the same process

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