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Glossary: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add a member badge to my website and Moodle?

To help promote and grow the Moodle Users Association, so we can fund even more projects in future and continue our work to improve Moodle, members can add a MUA badge to their websites that displays their membership level. The badge links through to the MUA membership page, which has links through to further information about the association and its work.

We suggest members add this to their public website, as well as the public front page of their Moodle installations.

The badge images will be updated centrally each year, so you don't need to update the logo manually to indicate the current year.

Please copy and paste the code for your membership level from below and add this to the HTML of your website and Moodle installation.

Gold members


<a href="https://moodleassociation.org/local/ma/">
  <img src="https://moodleassociation.org/pluginfile.php/3190/mod_folder/content/0/MUABadgeGold.png" />

Silver members


<a href="https://moodleassociation.org/local/ma/">
  <img src="https://moodleassociation.org/pluginfile.php/3190/mod_folder/content/0/MUABadgeSilver.png" />

Bronze members


<a href="https://moodleassociation.org/local/ma/">
  <img src="https://moodleassociation.org/pluginfile.php/3190/mod_folder/content/0/MUABadgeBronze.png" />

Individual members


<a href="https://moodleassociation.org/local/ma/">
  <img src="https://moodleassociation.org/pluginfile.php/3190/mod_folder/content/0/MUABadgeIndividual.png" />

How can I add or change the participants in my organisation's membership?

This applies to Gold, Silver and Bronze members. Additional users added to an organisation's membership are called "participants".

Only the Lead Participant of the organisation can add or change participants of the membership team.

  1. Go to your member page. You can find it by going to the MEMBERSHIP menu item at the top and selecting Members. Then click on your organisation's membership name.  
                Screenshot of menu membership > members

    The direct link is: https://moodleassociation.org/local/ma/

  2. In the list of participants, the lead participant will have a head-and-shoulders icon next to the name. If you are the only participant, then you are the lead, and there is no icon. 
             Screenshot of an organisation's lead participant with head icon

  3. You will also have a pencil icon. Click on the pencil icon - this allows you to invite other people to be part of the organisation's membership, remove participants, or to change who is the lead participant.

  4. This page tell you how many participants an organisation can have depending on its membership level: https://moodleassociation.org/membership/

Note: Only the Lead Participant can

  1. invite others to join
  2. change the lead participant of the organisation
  3. allocate votes for the membership in any voting event (e.g. voting for projects, voting for Committee members)
  4. receive the organisation's membership badge
  5. receive invoices at renewal time
  6. receive other direct communication.

How can I get some MUA bling?

You can buy MUA branded products at our CafePress shop:


MUA mugThere are 

  • Light Shirts
  • Dark Shirts
  • Buttons, Magnets & Stickers
  • Drinkware
  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Tech Gear


How can I have the UTC and my local time for events?

Timezone Demystification

Many of us are on different time zones.

Events are scheduled at time based on the UTC setting.

Of course, you can set timezone from your profile.

But, in order to have directly, in real time, the UTC time and your local time, we propose you to add an HTML block in your dashboard by inserting a small specific code.

1. Create the Widget code

  • Search UTC and select it

  • Click on the generated code and copy it

2. Add a new HTML block

  • Add a new HTML block

  • Configure this new block

  • Add a block title and show more button to active HTML mode*

  • Paste the widget code

  • Save changes

You have now the UTC time for all events (TownHall Meeting, Voting sessions...) and your local time in the same block.

You can customize better your widget and the block :

Hope it will be usefull.

*If you are using TinyMCE HTML Editor, it's the same process

How can I renew my membership?


How do I enter my project proposal?

Submitting an MUA proposal in the Moodle Tracker:

  1. Ensure you have followed the steps necessary to use the tracker (https://tracker.moodle.org) in the Tracker introduction document.
  2. Login to the tracker and look for the “Create” button. Use it to create a new tracker issue.
  3. Once you have pressed the create button, you will see a form like the following. Complete all of the required parts.
  4. Project. Choose the “Moodle (MDL)” project from the dropdown.
  5. Issue Type. Choose either “Improvement” or “New Feature”, depending on what is being proposed.
  6. Summary and Description. Add a descriptive title for the proposal to the Summary field. Add all of the project template sections to the description.
  7. The description needs the Overview, Requirements, Summary, Goals, Use cases, Links and any other resources and information useful to the proposal.
  8. Affects Version. Select the most recent Moodle version.
  9. Components. Look for the most applicable Moodle component.
  10. Click the Create button. You can ignore the other fields.
  11. Go to the tracker item you just created and assign the MUA label to it. Click the pencil icon next to the “Labels” field, and start to type “MUA”. When you see “MUA” in the selections, click it, and click the checkmark icon.
  12. Discussion and comments can continue on the tracker item using the comments features. Additional files can be attached to the issue using the “Attachments” section.
  13. Then use the normal process to add your proposal to the MUA site through the project course.  Go to the Project page and click on Suggest Project button.  Add a link to the Moodle Tracker item and a brief description to the summary, clear out the content section and submit.
  14. See Advanced grading method proposal from July - December cycle - https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-61151 for an example.

Moodle docs on tracker:

MUA Resources:

How do I join a Town Hall meeting?

Town Hall meetings are run using a collaboration tool called Zoom.

The meeting link is the same for each meeting and is found towards the bottom of the front page of the Moodle Association website.

There are a number of ways to find the Zoom link for each meeting:

  1. If you have subscribed to the MUA calendar, you will find the link to the meeting in the calendar invite.
  2. When you log in to the MUA Moodle, there is a list of upcoming events at the bottom of the course list. Upcoming meetings will appear in here, so you can click the meeting name and then click the link to connect.
  3.  A reminder email will be sent to committee members before each meeting, so check your email inbox and search for 'Zoom'.
  4. When you log in to MUA Moodle, the meeting invite reminder will be in the 'Latest News and Announcements' block, in the top-right corner of the page.

If you don't have a webcam, are camera shy, or on a slow Internet connection you might prefer to add a still picture to your Zoom profile to help people recognise you in the discussion.

How do I stay connected?

To keep up to date with MUA activities members can:

  1. Read and understand the project cycles.
  2. Subscribe to calendar events to alert you to town hall meetings and project voting deadlines.
  3. Collaborate with other MUA members in the moodleassociation.org forums to refine your project ideas.
    *You can subscribe to topics that interest you, to receive email alerts.
  4. Join the discussions on project proposals (there's a forum attached to each one) and contribute ideas to the proposer.
  5. Raise tracker requests for bugs and feature requests and ask members to vote on them (in the forums).
  6. Suggest project ideas on moodle.org community forums to gather input.

How do I subscribe to calendar events?

In order to be alerted to voting deadlines, town hall meetings, Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and other MUA events, we suggest all members subscribe to the MUA calendar events by following these steps.

  1. Login to https://moodleassociation.org.
  2. Click 'Go to calendar...' at the bottom of the Dashboard page, or click the month and year link in the calendar block to the right of the page.
  3. Click 'Export calendar' at the bottom of the Calendar page.
  4. Select 'All events' and 'custom range'. This will export all the calendar events for the coming year.
  5. Click 'Get calendar URL' and copy the URL that appears at the bottom of this page in order to have the calendar items dynamically update if dates or times change. 
    If you 'Export' an ics file instead, the entries won't update if changed.
  6. Paste the URL into your preferred calendar client (see links below).

Find out how to subscribe to the MUA calendar from common calendar tools:

How do I suggest a project?