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November newsletter

November newsletter

by Thomas Korner -
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As the second Covid19-wave hits Europe and parts of North America, these weeks everything feels the same, but different, than earlier this year. Once again, educators and teaching support staff are challenged as schools and universities swing between face-to-face, hybrid, blended, and fully online learning and teaching. The MUA is a great source of support and help in these times. Reach out on the forums if you need ideas, answers, or just a sympathetic ear. 

All roles settled, reorganisation of tasks

We are very happy to announce that Amy Tessitore has taken the Secretary role, supported by David Pesce. At the movement, we are reorganizing the working teams within the committee to tackle the goals of this election period.

We are very happy to welcome Helen Foster as the new Moodle HQ liaison. Helen is well known from Moodle forums and countless presentations, workshops, and talks at MoodleMoots. I think it is not understated to call her the grand dame of Moodle HQ! We are looking forward to a close collaboration. A very warm welcome, Helen! 

Town Halls

Both of the October Town Halls focussed on the Quiz Module in Moodle version 4.0. Tim Hunt presented his view and a project for substantial improvements. Since this project is still in its concept phase, there is still room for contributions and to bring in your view. You can find the recordings of these meetings here.

Please note that beginning with the October 2020 Town Hall meeting, all Town Halls are now members only and taking place in BigBlueButton. The November Town Halls will focus on Moodle 3.10 and H5P:

  • 3 November 8 am UTC
    Title: H5P in Moodle
    Host: Thomas Korner
    Meeting link
    Description: Sara Arjona Téllez and Helen Foster from Moodle HQ will talk about H5P features in Moodle 3.8 and 3.9, plus what you can look forward to in 3.10!
  • 10 November 6 pm UTC
    Title: What's new in Moodle 3.10
    Host: Emma Richardson
    Meeting link
    Description: Mary Cooch and Helen Foster from Moodle HQ will bring you the latest information on new features and improvements in Moodle 3.10, due for release on Monday 9 November 2020.

MUA Development Projects

  • Moodle 3.10 - Download content feature:
    This feature is ready to be released in the upcoming 3.10 release. If you haven’t looked at the preview, check the prototype site.
  • Moodle 3.11 - Roadmap UI/UX Improvements:
    In discussions with HQ, we’ve been scoping items scheduled for 4.0 as potential UX projects to bring forward for 3.11. We will be providing more details of the results of these discussions very soon.
  • Moodle 4.0 - Proposals:
    The preliminary voting has completed and the final five projects have been determined. They are:
    • Support the concept of 'eternal' courses (which do not trigger insights etc.).
    • To make Atto Editor accessible to screen readers.
    • Add more activities to the Download All feature.
    • Allow question categories to be reordered with drag and drop.
    • Auto-completion of links in ATTO editor (small project).

Currently, we are clarifying with HQ as to whether all five will pass the necessary eligibility criteria to move on to the final voting.

And finally… 

I wish you all some calm days in this storm and stay healthy! If you have any questions, remarks, or comments please feel free to contact me at

With going fully online, some well established pedagogical methods are challenged in this new setting, so is the practice of group work. Cathy N. Davidson and Christina Katopodis recently published an article in Inside Higher ed with recommendations for group work online, which may give you food for thought.