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Moodle Projects Update

Moodle Projects Update

by Mike Churchward -
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Hi everyone -

Our project cycles have been active. Here is a status update:

Moodle 3.10 - Download content feature:
The code freeze began this week, and the download feature will be in the release. Andrew Nicols of HQ had provided a detailed status of the development in the tracker. The features that have been implemented are described in that issue, and there is a link to a prototype site where you can test these new features. Please take the time to look at this and provide any comments you have on the issue.

Moodle 3.11 - UX Features:
We are in the process of nailing down the scope and cost for these features. Once we have that, we will update everyone again.

Moodle 3.12 / 4.0 - Proposals:
Voting is well underway for the nine proposals. Voting ends on October 15th, when the final five will be identified. Go and vote!