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June Newsletter

June Newsletter

by Mike Churchward -
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Summer is approaching here in Canada, and with it the promise of vacations. This year they may be “staycations”, but better than nothing. How is everyone coping with isolation and distancing? The one thing I know for sure is our experiences with online solutions have never been more important! And Moodle is proving to be a very important global solution.

June Town Halls

Our open town halls this month are:

  • 2 June 8am UTC
    Title: Joys and frustrations of Moodle
    Meeting link
    Description: An open discussion. Each person should bring a joy and frustration to share with the group.
    Chair: Richard Samson

  • 9 June 6pm UTC
    Title: Moodle 3.9 run-through. Be first to see the great new version of Moodle!
    Meeting link
    Presenters: Mary Cooch and Helen Foster- Moodle HQ

Moodle 3.9 Project

The Participants Page: Combining Filters is pretty much completed (MDL-67743). It has been officially closed, and has been integrated into 3.9. The next step will be seeing it released!

Likewise, the Course Copy User Interface project has been integrated and closed (MDL-64843).

We should all look forward to trying it out in the 3.9 release!

Moodle 4.0 Projects

The Provide a built-in ‘Download all …’ routine in core and address it for a functionality for students (and more) (MDL-63270) still needs a project cost and proposal. We’re working on making that happen.

Moodle 4.1 Projects

We have six projects proposed for the January - June 2020 cycle. These projects are currently being reviewed for the initial feasibility estimates. More information will be coming over the next few weeks. 

Moodlemoot Global Online 2020

The Global Moot is going ahead in July, just online this time. The MUA will be there, as a sponsor, presenter and some other presences still to be announced. Look for more details in the coming weeks.

And finally… 

While this newsletter may feel a little light on information, be assured that your committee is still working as hard as they can to drive the MUA’s initiatives forward. The pandemic is causing havoc with everyone’s schedules, but we are pushing through and prioritizing to get things done. If you ever have concerns or questions, reach out to me or any of the committee members.