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April Newsletter

April Newsletter

by Mike Churchward -
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Happy April Fools Day! Unfortunately, our current global situation is not a joke. sad I hope everyone is coping well, staying healthy and solving problems. The MUA is a great source of support and help in these times that depend so much on the expertise contained within our membership. Reach out on the forums if you need ideas, answers or just plain empathy. And give all health workers a virtual hug!

Billing Extensions

In these times, we recognize that our members may be more focused on solving their immediate, urgent crises than renewing their memberships. To that end, we are allowing a grace period on payments. If your membership is due to be renewed in the next 30 to 60 days, you will have up to 30 days after the renewal date to renew. During that period, your membership will continue with full access.

April Town Halls

Our open town halls this month are:

  • 7 April 8am UTC
    Meeting link
    A community discussion on Moodle in times of lockdown. A new context. New demands. New problems and opportunities. New solutions.
    Moderators: Richard Samson 

  • 14 April 2020, 6pm UTC
    Meeting link
    A community discussion on Moodle in times of lockdown. A new context. New demands. New problems and opportunities. New solutions.
    Moderators: Emma Richardson, Jeff Webster

Moodle 3.9 Project

The Participants Page: Combining Filters project is progressing. The Moodle tracker epic (MDL-67743) has grown, with a number of issues completed.

The Course Copy User Interface project has progressed well. Follow it in MDL-64843. There is a prototype site available to see the new UI at work. I recommend that you check it out and provide any feedback that you have on the issue.

As members, your feedback and participation is important. Please follow along.

Moodle 4.0 Projects

The Provide a built-in ‘Download all …’ routine in core and address it for a functionality for students (and more) project is still in the scoping phase. The proposal work is being tracked in MDL-63270.

Moodle 4.1 Projects

With the new roadmap and release schedule, we will need to rethink our proposal process to see how we can align better with this new plan. I’ll be sending out some ideas in the next few days, and of course any ideas from the membership will be greatly appreciated. Currently, we have five projects proposed in the January - June 2020 cycle. We had hoped to crowd source more proposals at the UK Moot, but, well, that won’t happen now. HQ has promised to fit our proposals into supported, released plugins until Moodle’s main release cycle resumes, but we will be more successful if we can provide proposals that support and fit well with the roadmap.

Website Upgrade

The upgrade has happened. We have a new website. Hooray!

HQ Liaison

Elizabeth Dalton is moving on from Moodle HQ. Elizabeth has been the MUA’s direct liaison into HQ and has been a vital part of our success. Elizabeth was the energy behind Moodle’s learning analytics project as well as just being an important Moodle community presence. Elizabeth is planning on remaining a part of the Moodle community, and I wish her well in her new endeavours. Reach out and wish her well.

And finally… Online communities are more important than ever!

In this time of global pandemic, isolation and quarantine, our skills at creating, managing and supporting online communities have never been more important. I am certain that all of you have found yourselves called on to provide services in a way you never thought of before. If you have problems, ideas, successes using Moodle or any tools, share them in the MUA forums. You are not alone.

This past November, Martin Dougiamas held a live conference to kick start a new initiative called “Open EdTech Global”, with a goal of bringing together a global community to help define and support education globally through open educational resources. This movement is still in its infancy so now is a great time to get involved to help the next global emergency. Head to Open EdTech Online to see what it's all about.

Stay healthy - mentally and physically.