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March Newsletter

March Newsletter

by Mike Churchward -
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March is the month when we get Spring in the Northern Hemisphere! Hooray! For those in the southern half, happy Autumn.

March Town Halls

Our open town halls this month are:

  • 3 March 8am UTC
    Meeting link
    Guest speakers: Gavin Henrick and Karen Holland
    Topic: Content Tips on how to keep your course materials accessible
    Moderators: Richard Samson 

  • 10 March 2020, 6pm UTC
    Meeting link
    Guest speaker: Doug Belshaw, MoodleNet lead, Moodle HQ
    Topic: Latest news from the new MoodleNet project
    Moderators: Emma Richardson, Jeff Webster

Moodle 3.9 Project

The Participants Page: Combining Filters project has begun development. Progress is being tracked in the Moodle tracker under issue MDL-67743. This is an epic that currently contains eleven issues.

The Course Copy User Interface project has begun development with the external developers contracted by HQ. It is likewise being tracked in the Moodle tracker under issue MDL-64843.

As members, your feedback and participation is important. Please follow along.

Moodle 4.0 Projects

The Provide a built-in ‘Download all …’ routine in core and address it for a functionality for students (and more) project is beginning the scoping phase. The proposal work is being tracked in MDL-63270.

Moodle 4.1 Projects

As announced a couple of weeks ago, we have extended the proposal deadline for the 4.1 project cycle to April 14, 2020. HQ has announced that they will have a planned roadmap available for public access very soon, and it made sense that the membership get a chance to review this and see if they have any proposals that synchronize with this plan. Additionally, the MUA will be running a project brainstorm session at the UK Moot in Dublin, Ireland in April. The extension might allow some unique proposals from those sessions.

Organizational Update

Under Alex Bias’ oversight, we have made great headway in creating repeatable processes for the committee. These processes will allow for timely and thorough work being performed, and freeing up some of the mundane tasks. This will also help with a smoother, quicker turnover when new committees take over. While this is fairly invisible to the membership at large, trust me, this is a great thing! smile

Website Upgrade

The upgrade is scheduled to happen during the first week of March. Look for something new very soon!

And finally… Membership has its privilege

As we mentioned, the MUA will be holding an interactive session at the UK Moot in Dublin in April. This session will be available to MUA members only. Here is a preview of the abstract of that session:

MUA members, come and join us to brainstorm and define new projects for the MUA Moodle development roadmap. Bring your workflow needs, your biggest gripes, your best improvements, your "killer apps", your imagination, creativity, teaching and learning expertise, and your sense of humour to help us map out your great project ideas. This session will be highly interactive and collaborative, and the outcomes will be documented so that work can continue afterwards. We should have a well defined Moodle roadmap to draw upon by then, and we will begin soliciting your ideas ahead of time. If you're not an MUA member, sign up ahead of time, or at the Moot. This session will only be available to MUA members.