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Open MUA Town Hall reminder. 9th July 6pm UTC

Open MUA Town Hall reminder. 9th July 6pm UTC

by Richard Samson -
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A reminder about tomorrow's open Town Hall meeting.

All Moodle users will be welcome to join us at 

  • 9th July. 6pm - 7pm UTC.

  • Part 1. Creating enthusiasm for using Moodle.
    Guest speaker: Natacha Brassard, EdTech support, University of Montréal. 
    Tips and tricks for teachers and teaching support services. Onboarding teachers that are new to Moodle.

  • Part 2. Beauty and the Beast
    Sharing things we love about Moodle and things that annoy us. Each person should bring one positive and one negative to the meeting and be prepared to present it briefly. See last week's list and add to it at http://mua-batb

 Moodle needs you. The MUA needs you. Please join our conversation tomorrow.