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1. Ask me anything, with Martin Dougiamas. 2. Special general meeting

1. Ask me anything, with Martin Dougiamas. 2. Special general meeting

by Richard Samson -
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1. Ask me anything session with Martin Dougiamas

This members-only session will be on Monday 29 April at 2pm UTC, via Zoom (URL to be announced). We have collected questions on Padlet at (though this will no longer be an open town hall meeting).

  • Put this date in your diary.
  • Feel free to add items to the Padlet wall.
  • Watch out for further details nearer the time.

2. Announcement of Special general meeting

As Chair of the management committee of the Moodle Users Association, in accordance with our rules, I hereby call a Special general meeting for the purpose of deciding on 7 resolutions for rule changes, as set out in the Agenda below.


  • Date and time: 7 pm UTC, 7 May 2019.
    Without a quorum (75% of total membership voting points), the Special general meeting will be adjourned and reconvened at 7 pm UTC, 14 May 2019 (immediately after the Town Hall).
  • Place: Online at

Resolutions will be discussed and votes will be taken online not less than 30 minutes after the start of the Special general meeting. The meeting and the voting period will close at 7 pm UTC 8 May 2019 (or 7 pm UTC 15 May 2019 if reconvened).

Motions for rule changes

Since it was created the Rules of the Moodle Users Association have guided our actions and our procedures. Nonetheless, there are certain issues where we are not following the rules as closely as we should; where we are unsure if we can proceed in a certain way; where we might want to propose changes.

The general intention of the proposed rule changes is to bring MUA rules into line with current MUA practice. We propose to do this by making time periods and actions more flexible (Resolutions A, C, E and F); by including mention of the preliminary voting that we routinely carry out (Resolution B); by correcting an error in the rules (Resolution D); and by deleting a rule that no longer applies (Resolution G).

There are seven (7) resolutions on MUA rule changes for consideration.

The proposed rule changes are listed below in the order of the rules themselves. Added text is underlined. Removed test is struck through.

Resolution A
5.3.e Add “or shorter”:
Phase One – shall be a four (4) month Project Specification Development period, or shorter, as referred to in paragraph (c), during which the following occurs:

Resolution B
5.3.e.iv Add “including preliminary voting to create a shortlist of proposals;”:
other online forums and communication tools as appropriate, including preliminary voting to create a shortlist of proposals

Resolution C
5.3.f Add “or shorter”:
Phase Two – shall be a one (1) month Project Consolidation period, or shorter, during which:

Resolution D
5.3.g.2 Change “one month Voting period” to “two (2) week voting period”:
all Project Specification Development pursuant to Rule 5(3)(e) and Project Consolidation pursuant to Rule 5(3)(f) shall cease during the one monthtwo (2) week vVoting period; and

Resolution E
5.3.h.iv Change “within 2 weeks” to “within one (1) month”:
complete this Finalisation process within 2 weeks within one (1) month of close of voting;

Resolution F
5.3.h.vii Change the first sentence. Eliminate the second sentence:
Transfer unallocated projects to the next cycle. The Committee may decide to re-propose unallocated projects in a subsequent cycle, with the same or a different proposer. The Committee may decide not to transfer some projects if requested by the project leader or if projects did not receive any votes from Members.

Resolution G
Delete rule 29, which refers to the period of office of the first MUA committee.

29. Starting up

  1. *The initiators of the Association will select the initial Committee of the Association from volunteers who intend to become Association Members, where the initiators are the Director and appointed employees of Moodle Pty Ltd.
  2. *Committee Membership commences once the selected Committee Member is a bona fide Association Member, as defined in Rule 6.
  3. *If a selected initial Committee Membfonter does not complete the Membership process within one (1) month of the earlier of:
    a. being notified of selection; or
    b. Incorporation of the Association then the initiators reserve the right to offer Committee Membership to other interested persons.
  4. *The first Committee shall hold office until the first AGM after Incorporation. At this time, all Committee positions shall be declared vacant and open for nomination and election by the Members. Pursuant to Rules 11(4) and 11(5), a Committee Member may be nominated for election in subsequent Committees.
  5. *Other than Committee requirements as per these Rules, the first Committee is responsible for:
    a. accepting handover of all Association business and activity from the initiator, Moodle Pty Ltd;
    b. implementing the first of all Association activity, such as the first Core Development Cycle, general meetings and actions, voting and election processes;
    c. initial review and improvements to processes and activities to ensure the Association is effective and efficient in its work.