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March newsletter

March newsletter

by Richard Samson -
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This is your monthly update on the MUA. The short month of February is already at an end. This time it marks the closing date of Phase 1 - Project proposals in our 3.9 small project development cycle (see below).


I was pleased to visit the Moodle office in Barcelona last week and feel the energy going into so many new initiatives. Moodle is a small enterprise compared to some of the massive venture-capital-backed players in the learning platform sector, but thanks to our great community of users, developers and enthusiasts, we will go the extra mile!

Richard at Moodle, Barcelona


As I write there are already 16 exciting proposals that will be competing for MUA support, and more than one of them, we hope, will make it through the process and into Moodle core. Feature proposals are the cornerstone of our association and I am delighted to see such sustained enthusiasm for enhancements to our favourite learning platform. Congratulations to all proposers!

During the two weeks 1 - 15 March we will carry out preliminary voting on these proposals to reach a shortlist of 10. During this period, Moodle HQ may advise us that certain proposals are not viable. In that case, we will remove them from voting and invite members to reallocate any votes given.

Stay focused as we go through these steps. Please browse through the proposals. We want you all to take an interest, participate in the discussions and use your votes.


As announced last month, Moodle HQ and the MUA have joined forces to plan, scope and implement the new forum activity for Moodle. Our secretary, Thom Rawson, is liaising with Moodle HQ as this work goes forward. We are currently in conversation with Moodle HQ about the details of features to be delivered and I am confident that by the time of the next newsletter, we will be able to reveal what exactly MUA will be funding in this shared project.


At our February town halls we were privileged to get an update on the Advanced forums, with Andrew Nicols, and the next Moodle theme architecture milestones, with Bas Brands. We have had more members (and guests) at recent town halls, perhaps as a result of the last minute reminders we have been sending out. It's great to see so many of you at these meetings. If you can't come, remember that you can consult the minutes and watch recordings by consulting our database activity (members only) in the MUA General Association Communication course. (We call it a course because we are using a Moodle platform!)

The Town Halls for the coming month will be on Tuesday 5 March (8am UTC) and Tuesday 12 February (6pm UTC). Gry Stene will present at the 5 March Town Hall. Gry is the Chief Product Officer at Moodle HQ since October 2018, with overall responsibility for the Moodle family of platforms. She was a key member of the launch team for the Moodle Workplace product which was launched earlier this month, so we expect that she will tell us more about that and other Moodle initiatives. Emilio Lozano, the Moodle HQ Workplace lead, will present at the second Town Hall. Understandably, there is nervousness in the community about Workplace and we are keen for Moodle HQ to defend it, and provide us with the necessary reassurance that the community edition of Moodle will remain the main product, and in no sense become a satellite. 

Please feel free to invite friends and colleagues to these open meetings, which are a great hotline to Moodle HQ. And remember that you do not need to be an MUA member to take part. Also please request Town Hall sessions on topics of interest to you. We will respond by inviting a suitable speaker to an upcoming meeting. And, by the way, thanks to Moodle HQ for their involvement in recent Town Halls.

More dates for our diaries are November in Barcelona, Spain. The first Global MoodleMoot will be 18 - 20 November, followed by OpenEdTech Global, 21 - 22 November. Exciting!


As I write, the MoodleMoot in Shizuoka, Japan, is underway. That is Thom Rawson in the photo, presenting our association.

Thom Rawson presents the MUA

As we announced previously, the MUA will also be in Manchester, 15 - 17 April 2019 (represented by committee member Aurelie Soulier) for the UK and Ireland 2019 MoodleMoot.


Please take a moment to browse through our latest financial report (members only), prepared by our treasurer. Thanks, Jess! Next time, I plan to comment on proposed rule changes and marketing initiatives. 

Your committee is working hard to move our association forward. Here we all are, together with Emma Richardson, our project administration officer, at the last committee meeting.

MUA committee

March is full of diary dates for me. I hope you will also find much to celebrate.