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Voting for the 3.8 cycle is now open!

Voting for the 3.8 cycle is now open!

by Richard Samson -
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Best wishes for 2019 to all members!

Voting has now opened on the 3.8 project cycle, slated for inclusion in the November 2019 release of Moodle.

As you consider your votes, please note the factors mentioned below. And bear in mind that you can re-allocate your votes at any stage until voting closes on 16th January.

Two projects without an HQ estimate

As I write this, neither the "Improve Moodle's Core Forums by incorporating features from Moodleroom's Advanced Forums and Other Enhancement to Forum" nor the "MUA customizable report builder proposal" projects has yet received an estimate from Moodle HQ. In each case the figure of $100K has been added by the MUA committee; please interpret that each of these projects may be funded by MUA up to this maximum sum.

These projects both overlap with already planned Moodle HQ roadmap work. As such, voting for one of these projects implies financial support, up to the specified limit, for this already planned Moodle HQ work. If one of these two MUA projects is favoured in voting, Moodle HQ, the MUA committee and the project proposers will endeavour together to revise the project specification to establish a deliverable outcome that all parties can agree on.

A rolled-over project

Furthermore, the rolled-over project from the 3.7 cycle "Ability to set activity dates based on course start/end date or enrollment date" should also appear in the list of projects to be voted on. At present, due to a technical hitch, it is not in the list. We apologise for this incident and expect to find a solution soon.

January Town Halls

On other matters, we will have Sander Bangma, Moodle HQ Open Source Coordinator, with us at the first Town Hall on Tuesday 8th January, at 8am UTC. We expect to be able to discuss the projects in this voting cycle with Sander and it will be a great opportunity to share points of view.

We'll send a meeting reminder and plans for the second Town Hall.

That's all for now.

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Re: Voting for the 3.8 cycle is now open!

by Richard Samson -

Heads up, everybody!

Voting for the 3.8 cycle closes on 16th January.

So far, about half of all MUA member votes have been cast. Bear in mind, these can be reallocated by voters in the light of provisional results.

So please take a look at how the vote is going and, most importantly, if you haven't yet voted, make sure you do by the deadline. We want a massive turn-out. 

This is your chance to have your say on development priorities for the next Moodle!