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October newsletter

October newsletter

by Richard Samson -
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Good day, Moodlers!

As the new Chair of the Committee of management, I am taking over from Emma Richardson the task of sending out a monthly newsletter. As I write from Spain, it is early evening and the European summer is on the wane.

September has been a busy month for the Association, with onboarding of new committee members, and an internal audit of regular MUA activities and internal procedures. Read more about the new team at MoodleNews:

And thanks to MoodleNews, who have faithfully reported on MUA initiatives over many months.

Thomas Korner, one of the new MUA officers, was at the MoodleMoot in Brisbane, Australia, last week, where he successfully presented the Association to participants. We aim to maintain MUA visibility at upcoming events, in particular at the HQ-run MoodleMoots in Cape Town, South Africa (11-12 October), in Denver, USA (29-30 October) and in Hyderabad, India (29-30 November). See

It's quite clear already what the main vectors of MUA activity will involve over the coming year:

  • developing a MUA marketing plan in order to enhance visibility, recruit more members and fund more Moodle projects
  • maintaining ongoing MUA activities and our six-monthly project cycle, perhaps tweeking it to include small projects 
  • enhancing MUA internal operations in order to meet ongoing challenges reliably and efficiently 

Moodle HQ is currently working on or finalising two MUA projects. The July - December 2017 project, "Fix analytical tools for random quiz questions for consistency across use cases" (, should be out in release 3.6 (November). 

You are invited to test out the prototype at

(Manager account to create courses and quizzes for testing: Username: m1; Pw: Password1! Student account: Username: s1; Pw: Password1!)

Meanwhile, the January - June 2018 project, "Course overview block in dashboard improvements" (, could also be in release 3.6 (November), given that it coincides with priorities in the existing Moodle HQ development road map.

You can hear more about the current status of these projects and other initiatives in the pipeline by joining us at our upcoming Town Halls. These are open meetings, generally held on the first and second Tuesday of each month, with schedules to suit people in different parts of the world.

Our October meetings will be:

  • 2 October 08.00 - 09.00 UTC, with guest participant Sander Bangma, Moodle HQ Open Source Lead Developer
  • 9 October 18.00 - 19.00 UTC, with guest participant Elizabeth Dalton, Moodle HQ Research Analyst and MUA liaison officer

These meetings will be held via the Zoom online meeting platform at

We will be looking to give over more time for open discussion in these meetings. You will be able to ask about any issues of interest to you, such as the road map for Moodle core,, the Moodle Academy, MoodleCloud, etc.

MUA members will hear from us again after our monthly committee meeting, to be held as usual on the third Tuesday in the month. Over the coming year we will seek to raise our game again, in terms of scale and productivity, funding more exciting projects for inclusion in Moodle core.

We look forward to sharing all this with you, "coming together to create the next Moodle".