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Handover to the new MUA Committee

Handover to the new MUA Committee

by Richard Samson -
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I am pleased to inform you that at the Moodle Users Association management committee meeting held today, the following appointments were made, by unanimous decision.

      • Richard Samson - Chair
      • Alexander Bias - Vice Chair
      • Jessica Gramp - Treasurer
      • Thom Rawson - Secretary
      • Jeff Webster - Webmaster
      • Luiggi Sansonetti - Officer and Vice Webmaster
      • Mike Churchward - Officer
      • Thomas Korner - Officer
      • Aurelie Soulier - Officer
      • Orzu Kamolova - Officer

Ten members are required by Australian law. We expect the Committee web page to be updated later today.

The new members of the committee will bring fresh energy and ideas to help the association rise to ongoing and new challenges as we seek to support and enhance Moodle.

As the incoming Chair, I am greatly encouraged by the calibre and enthusiasm of this team. I also wish to place on record my recognition and gratitude for the contribution of the outgoing officers, Emma herself, Steve Powell and Joseph Thibault.

Furthermore, I am pleased to announce that Emma Richardson, the outgoing Chair, has been appointed our new MUA project manager, after applying for the post in a public selection process. We also thank Shannon Johnston for her important contribution in this role over the past year.

As the leadership team, we will continue to work on improving communication, increasing transparency, raising the level of professionalism and bringing in more members.

Please do not forget our next Town Hall meetings (Zoom link):

      • October 2nd 8:00 AM UTC » 9:00 AM UTC
      • October 9th 6:00 PM UTC » 7:00 PM UTC

These are a great place to find out more about Moodle and share concerns. More information on these and other initiatives will follow in our upcoming newsletter, if not before.

We look forward to a challenging, successful year at the Moodle Users Association, and encourage all members to participate in our activities.