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Annual General Meeting Follow-Up

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Annual General Meeting Follow-Up
by Emma Richardson - Tuesday, 11 September 2018, 2:58 PM UTC

Thank you to everyone that attended the Annual General Meeting today.  The agenda and minutes can be found here:

As part of the Annual Meeting, it is necessary to approve the financial report.  Please review the report and vote within the next 24 hours.

We welcomed the new committee members today and are excited for next year's team to continue on the great work of the MUA.  We will be updating the site with new member information and officers will be selected at the initial committee meeting next week.

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Re: Annual General Meeting Follow-Up
by Richard Samson - Wednesday, 12 September 2018, 9:27 PM UTC

A small correction. The AGM minutes and agenda are here:

Please do not share this link outside the MUA.