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August Newsletter

August Newsletter

by Emma Richardson -
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I apologize for being a couple of days late on getting this out - indicative of the school year about to start and having lots of irons in the fire right now!

We are busy getting ready to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will be held in September (see the calendar for dates and details).  That includes putting things out for members to vote on and electing a new committee.  

Any Association changes that we are putting out for vote will be available for review in the next week or so and we will be discussing them at the Town Halls this month so be sure to tune in on August 7th and 14th (exact times and links found on the MUA website calendar.) We have to schedule two AGM meetings due to our policy that states if 75% of the membership do not convene for the first meeting, we have to reconvene one week later.  As yet, we have yet to see 75% of our membership at the first meeting so we have reconvened for the second meeting.  It is very important, that, as members you do show up for the meetings so that you can vote on important issues and keep current with Association business.

Committee nominations are still open but close in just a few days.  Currently, we only have 8 nominations and we can have up to 10 committee members so please log in and sign up! ( 

The question statistical report project is undergoing a few tweaks but is being actively worked with a scheduled 3.6 release date.  We are currently discussing with HQ the possibility of pushing the top two projects through from the last round and will keep you updated on the outcome of that discussion.  

Meanwhile, the new cycle is open for project submissions so be sure to bring your ideas and submit them.  Currently, we only have one project submitted!  If you want to resubmit a project from the last round, it is very simple now just to link to the same tracker item. If you want to keep an eye on upcoming project proposals, they can be found here: - the course is open to guests so anyone can see what great ideas our members are putting forth!

I hope that, for those of you about to start a new school year, all goes well!  Happy Moodling to all!