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Nominate your next Committee!! Nominations close soon...

Re: Nominate your next Committee!! Nominations close soon...

by Richard Samson -
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Sorry about this. The deadline for nominations is in fact 14 August (21 days before the Annual General Meeting, see Rule 11.7).

I have today confirmed this detail with other members of the Committee. So there are still a few days for nominations. (We have 10 nominations so far - seeĀ

To put yourself forward for the Committee of Management, you just need to be a member (or a participant in an organisation membership). The workload is variable: you do as much as you can, no more. The minimum requirement is to try to attend the online monthly meeting (one hour, usually the 3rd Tuesday in the month).

Please consider joining the Committee of management. The progress and influence of the Moodle Users Association depends on the involvement of our members.

That means you!