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May MUA Newsletter

May MUA Newsletter

by Emma Richardson -
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It is hard to believe that we are already in May!  For your MUA committee, this brings a time of talking about how to expand our membership, cleaning up project proposals to be ready to send to HQ, and anxiously awaiting the release of 3.5 with the new question bank tagging features.

Let me start by saying that we would like to extend a huge welcome to Orzu Kamolova who joins our committee this month.  Orzu is from Montreal and is already proving to be a great addition to our team - we are all excited to have her onboard!  

This month, Doug Belshaw (lead in the Moodlenet Project) will be joining the May 8th Townhall.  Be sure to join and learn about this exciting new project that Moodle HQ is working on.  Sander Bangma will be joining the May 15th Town Hall to discuss MUA projects and ongoing development.  We invited Sander in response to questions from last month's meeting regarding possible changes to the dashboard in 3.5 which prompted questions about ongoing development in regard to MUA projects.  We appreciate their willingness to participate in these meetings which have been initiating some great discussions, both within the meetings and afterwards with the committee and HQ.  

Committee members have been reaching out to project proposers regarding project details.  If you need any help finalizing your project prior to HQ review, please contact us or reach to out other members.  The deadline for proposal modifications is May 17th as we will be submitting to HQ towards the end of the month for review and estimates prior to the final voting round which will happen in June.

Now that we have improved our communication process and feel that we have a really solid base to build on, it is time to really concentrate on expanding our membership.  We welcome ideas from our members as to what we could do to attract more members.  We have presented at the majority of the various Moots around the world and are working on a draft letter to send out to Moodle organizations.  If you have any great ideas or thoughts, please email me directly at  We would greatly appreciate your input and help on this.

In response to requests for guests to be able to access the current project proposals, we have added guest access to the current round and also added a link to the About menu.  This should enable your colleagues to see what projects are being worked on and should also prove valuable for prospective members.  We will update this link as we move through the project proposal cycles.

We are already starting to think about the Annual General Meeting that will be held in the Fall.  I hope to have dates for you in the next newsletter so keep an eye out for that!

Well, that's all for now.  Hope to see you all at a Town Hall meeting - happy Moodling!