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Moodle User's Association March Newsletter

Moodle User's Association March Newsletter

by Emma Richardson -
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Happy March from the Moodle User's Association and welcome to our new members (we have had several new members join us at different levels.)  It is great to see our community grow - as we grow, the more effect we can have on Moodle moving forward. What a great time to join the MUA if you haven't already!!

Mike Churchward and I just returned from the Canadian Moot.  It was such a wonderful experience - there are some great things going on in Canada and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone up there.  At the same time, our Secretary Thom Rawson was at the Japanese Moot and it sounds like that went extremely well too.  It is always so great to meet our fellow Moodlers face to face and spend time with the gang from HQ.  I am hopeful that we will see some more Canadians added to the ranks soon.

Conversations at the Moot brought up the following suggestion:  HQ is always looking for testers so I volunteered us! My plan is to get a list of current testing requests from HQ and send out to you.  This will allow us to not only help out HQ but get some input in on new features.  

Project proposal submissions just closed for this round.  There are 22 submissions!  I believe that that is the most we have ever had and I am excited to see so much participation from our members.  There are some really great ideas there.  We have asked HQ to do a preliminary feasibility review which will be done on the 7th.  As such, voting will now open on the 8th.  On a side note, using tracker for the project submissions has had an unexpected benefit - as I was looking through them the other day, someone has already proposed the code for one of them and it is in the review process.  So we might end up with more than one from this round getting into core!

We have two current projects in the works.  The question bank tagging improved functionality is getting close to being ready and there is a prototype available at  The random question from tag feature is not there yet but feel free to look around and test.  We are still waiting for a Statement of Work on the Quiz Statistics proposal and hope to have that shortly.

We have merchandise available!  I meant to announce this last month but we now have shirts, mugs, stickers etc at so get your MUA shirt and wear it proudly.  FYI - we are not making any money off these - they are just to help spread the word.

Badges have been issued for 2018 - badges are just given to the primary member of an organization - if you do not see your badge, contact Shannon at

Don't forget to join our Townhalls this month.  Links and times are on the calendar -  This month we have the UX lead from HQ joining the first one of the month so bring your questions and suggestions!

I sent out a choice activity last month asking if people would like another channel for communication.  The overwhelming majority just thought a forum would work.  So, there is a second forum on the general members page for project discussion though I have also seen some great discussion going on in the general member's forum as well.  I encourage you to reach out to other members to get help with your ideas and to find collaborators for project proposers.

I hope you all have a great month.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns and we hope to see you at the Town Hall meetings.