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MUA February Newsletter

MUA February Newsletter

by Emma Richardson -
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For those of us in education (in the US at least), February is normally somewhat of a relief as the second semester is now underway and we find we can can start to breathe a little easier.  February for the Moodle User's Association brings some great changes to the website thanks to the diligence of our committee members.

A huge thank you goes out to Jeff for getting us switched over to Boost for our theme.  This took quite a bit of work as he had to fix the layout on several pages and jump in and fix a few bugs that we found after the switch.  In addition to Jeff's work, we are proud to release our FAQ's page - . This has been a combined effort and thanks goes out to Jessica, Luigi, Mike and Richard for putting the time in to give our members some guides on how to navigate the site.

Moodle HQ is working on the Question bank tags and we were thankful to have Sander and Solange at our Town Hall meetings last month.  We have submitted the latest project to HQ for a Statement of Work and they will be looking at that project as soon as they get a little further on the current one. Meanwhile, members are submitting new projects for this round and seem to have taken the move to Tracker in stride!

For this month's Town Hall meetings (Feb 6th and 13th - Agenda found HERE), Sander is going to join the second half of the meeting on Feb 6th to discuss Moodle Roadmap.  Unfortunately, he cannot make the meeting on the 13th but I will be sharing what I can in relation to the Roadmap and so we will use that as our discussion topic for this month.  That is a extremely busy week for HQ but I am still reaching out to see if anyone can join us that week.

We did run into an issue with our Paypal account this month and Steve and Kelly (accountant) are working hard to get it resolved.  We have submitted all required paperwork and are hopeful that all will be working correctly within the next few days.  In the meantime, we are unable to take any payments via Paypal.  If this is going to cause you to miss a payment deadline, please contact Shannon at and we will see what we can do to figure something out.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Just a reminder that the Canadian Moot is coming up at the end of the month.  I will be there representing the MUA and hope to meet you there!  HQ has also announced that the US Moot will be in Denver later this year - as a Colorado resident, I, for one, am very excited by the news!

Happy Moodling to all!