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January 2018 MUA Update

January 2018 MUA Update

by Emma Richardson -
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Happy New Year to all of our members!  I hope that you all enjoyed the holidays.  

We have just opened up the new project cycle that will run from January to July of this year.  You can find it here:

You will right away notice that we have moved the proposals to tracker at the suggestion of our members during Town Hall meetings.  The main reason for this is so that your proposals will live on outside of MUA.  If your proposal does not get selected for MUA funding, you can still go to the regular Moodle community to get votes and hope that it gains enough attention to become implemented into Moodle through the tracker process.  Tracker also notifies you of all changes and comments so that you keep a close eye on the proposal’s progress.  Also, if you wish to resubmit it at another time, it will be a much easier process as you can just link to the existing tracker item.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you realize that you still need to submit the proposal to the MUA site in the same way as we have always done and that voting will still occur on the MUA site.  Now you will just not need to fill out the requirements section in MUA - you will just link to the Tracker item instead and the requirements will be entered there.  Mike Churchward was kind enough to create a detailed “how to” sheet which can be found here:

Please feel free to post in the General Discussion forum on that course if you need any help with the project proposal process.  We are happy to assist you as we change the process and will monitor that forum closely.

Our top voted project for the last round was to "Fix analytical tools for random quiz questions for consistency across use cases" - we will be forwarding this on HQ for a Statement of Work after a final committee review.  

We are hoping to get the website shifted over the Boost theme shortly - I will send out a notice prior to the shift but do not be too surprised if you suddenly see a new look!

Don’t forget our Town Halls which are coming up.  We will be discussing Moodle Moots this month.  While a member thought this might be out of scope, I think Moots are part of the larger Moodle vision and, as such, an appropriate discussion topic, plus the only topic suggested by a member(!)  The Town Hall agenda can be found here: . We hope to see you there.

Emma Richardson, Chair