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Project Final Voting Opening/December Update

Project Final Voting Opening/December Update

by Emma Richardson -
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Forgive the length of this newsletter - we just have so much going on right now!!  Also, I know that this newsletter comes right on the heels of last month's update but I wanted to get it to you before voting begins and before the holidays get in full swing.

Project Voting

The final voting for projects will open on December 8th at 0:00 UTC.  All votes have been reset and you will be able to make your final selections at this time.

A few notes regarding voting:

1.  This is where the power of your membership really comes into play so VOTE!!  We have noticed that some members have not been exercising their voting rights and we do really value your input, so please take the time to enter votes.

2.   We have shortened the voting time to two weeks and we have moved it up a little bit so as to clear the holidays.  Thanks to one of our new members, Luiggi, for coming up with the idea to add a countdown.  You will now see a countdown on the project page that will tell you how long is left before voting begins or ends. 

3.  Please vote thoughtfully.  Take a little time and look through the requirements - the user stories are a great way to understand exactly what the project entails. In this week's townhall meeting, Richard gave a really nice overview of the projects so, if you need a little help on that, please review the Town Hall recording here:

Do not just automatically vote for the largest project.  We might be able to fund two of the smaller projects and we probably do not have enough funds for the largest projects.  Also, this is not Ebay - you do not have to wait for the last minute to vote!! But, if that is your style, the countdown should be very helpful to you! Steve Powell, former Chair and current Treasurer has put together a great financial report which he will be putting out quarterly for our members.  (Please remember that we are still waiting on the Statement of Work and final bid for the Question Bank project so the number under Total Equity would have to fund both the Question Bank and this round.) You can find it here:

4.  This round has been the first time that we have not only received some great feedback from HQ in their estimates, but we have a few projects that HQ has told us are not feasible in their current state.  As such, we are requesting that you do not vote for these projects as they will NOT be submitted to HQ.  We have added the reasoning from HQ for the rejection on the project page and encourage the project owners to revise and resubmit for next round!  If you are interested, please see an overview of all of the comments from HQ here:

Other News

Our committee has been putting a lot of hours in so please thank them if you see them around!  Jeff is looking at switching the website over to Boost theme and is working on some customization.  We have found that we do have an issue with the Monthly Calendar display now that Shannon has put all the important dates and events in there, so please be patient as we work on resolving that.  Jessica has been compiling a glossary of FAQs that will cover all things MUA such as how to join Town Halls, how to subscribe to the site calendar, etc.  We hope to have this released at the start of the New Year.  Elizabeth and Mike are going to releasing a new project template document that will show members how to submit their proposals to Tracker.  We will start using Tracker for all project submissions starting with the new cycle that begins in January.  Richard is working on outreach to our members to ensure that we are fulfilling their expectations.  

Thanks to Martin for his help in promoting MUA!  We have had several new members join us from Germany and Switzerland - Wilkommen!  We are excited to expand our membership and value the input and ideas that new members will bring.  Also, thank you to both Moodle News and MoodleWorld for sharing our posts and updates.

Committee members from the Moodle User's Association will be in Toronto, Canada for the Canada Moot in February so please come and visit with us there.  Also, we are working on the possibility of a remote presentation at the India Moot.  If you are planning a Moodle conference or Moot and would us to present, please contact us at or you can contact me directly at  

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!