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MUA November Update

MUA November Update

by Emma Richardson -
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It has been a busy month at the MUA.  Two of us were fortunate enough to be in Miami for the US Moot there - it was a great gathering of Moodle minds and I enjoyed meeting new people and hopefully potential members.  We will also have members at the Canada Moot in February.

Following our committee meeting last week, I wanted to update you with some of our accomplishments so far!  

1.  Rule changes voted on at AGM were filed with the Western Australian Commissioner for approval.  The revised rules can be seen here:

2.  Shannon is working on adding all pertinent dates to the site calendar.  This way, members can subscribe to the calendar to keep abreast of upcoming deadlines.

3.  The committee agreed to open up our monthly Town Halls to non-members.  This is effective immediately, so feel free to invite your friends!  We are looking at structuring the Town Halls with time for specific topic discussion - keep watching for more information!

4.  We are working on a FAQ's page for members with some clear information on voting, dates, etc.

5.  We have approved a design for MUA merchandising and will have MUA merchandise (T-shirts etc) available soon.

6.  Moodle HQ is preparing a Statement of Work for us on the Question Bank Project.  Details on this project can be found here:

7.  Final voting on the current project round will open in Mid December and the next project cycle will start up in January.  

8.  And finally, the Calendar project was integrated into core in Moodle 3.4 - hopefully you have had a chance to try it out!

Please continue to provide us with feedback either through the Town Halls or the forums.  We are listening and want to respond to your ideas.

Emma Richardson, Committee Chair.