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MUA Update

MUA Update

by Emma Richardson -
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We have a lot of things coming up so I just wanted to send out a brief update.  

PROJECT UPDATES. The committee is currently in contact with project proposers regarding feedback from HQ and getting them ready for the final voting phase which will begin in mid December.  If you have a project in the last round and have not checked in in a while, please check in the Forum for your project and review the feedback from Elizabeth Dalton.  Modifications are due November 14th.

TOWN HALL MEETINGS.  Check the MUA calendar for the next town hall meeting dates, times and connection info.

US MOOTS.  Members from the MUA committee will be in Florida next week for the Moot.  We are having a meet and greet on the first evening (check the Moot schedule for time and location - - we hope to see you there!  We are also in discussion with the Canada Moot (Feb 2018) and hope to be onsite there to meet with existing and prospective members. More details to follow.

QUESTION BANK PROJECT.  A team from our committee, Moodle HQ and Tim Hunt spent considerable time looking through this project that was voted in as number one in the previous project cycle.  We are currently waiting for a final design approval from Tim Hunt and then we will be getting a bid from HQ.  We will keep you updated!