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Committee Leadership Update

Committee Leadership Update

by Emma Richardson -
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I was very honored today to have been chosen to be the Chair of the MUA for the upcoming year.  I know that I will be well supported by our new Vice Chair (Richard Samson), Treasurer (Steve Powell), Secretary (Thom Rawson) and our other committee members (announced previously).  I follow in the footsteps of Steve Powell and prior to him, Nick Thompson who both did an excellent job.  I can only hope to come close to matching up to their leadership and I thank them both for building the foundation that has brought the MUA this far.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we ended up the last committee term down three members and so I am very excited to not only have a full team, but a great team that has a lot of enthusiasm and energy.  We are going to strive to take advantage of this and put into action a lot of items that have been brought up by our members through forum posts and in Town Hall meetings. 

We have started working on a set of goals that we hope will improve communications, increase transparency, raise the level of professionalism and bring in more members.

Along those lines, all MUA announcements and time relative communications will now be published exclusively through the MUA News Forum which also posts to our Facebook page and Twitter Feed (please be sure to subscribe to one of these to receive MUA updates).  The MUA Member discussion forum will be reserved for general discussion and questions between members and the committee.  We are also looking into some calendar integrations and event publishing and will let you know when that is in place.  The site default time zone is now set to UTC and the time zone will be listed on all date entries on the site to avoid confusion over closing times and dates.  (You can choose to switch all times and dates to your own timezone in your profile.)

Please do not forget our next Town Hall meetings which are coming up soon.  We will bring an overview of our goals for the next year and a recap of our initial committee meeting and will welcome your input.  The Town Hall meetings will be held on November 7th at 8:00 UTC and November 14 at 17:00 UTC.