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October 2015: Moodle Association Progress Update

October 2015: Moodle Association Progress Update

by Shannon Johnston -
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We are close to going live with the Moodle Association - get ready to be one of the first full members in December, 2015!

Moodle Association - Incorporation Progress

The Application for Incorporation was submitted to the Western Australian Department of Commerce on 5th October, 2015. We now wait with anticipation for finalising the process. GST ruling for membership by the Australian Taxation Office is almost finalised.

Real user testing and the early member group

A special group of 10 Early Members of the Moodle Association, drawn from people who have expressed an interest in being on the initial formal committee, is trialing the Association site and processes. So far, they have

  • proposed six projects, and are developing some detailed specifications.
    (They will vote on the proposals in mid December, with the winning proposals put to Moodle Pty Ltd for development into Core. To read more about Project proposal cycles, see: )

  • voted for a leader for this group, using and testing the future Committee voting process: Mark McKay, University of Minnesota, USA, is the successfully democratically-voted leader of this group.

Last call for interested Initial Committee members.

The first Committee is chosen by Moodle HQ from volunteer organisations. This is the last call for you to express your interest in representing your organisation on the initial Association Committee.

You might also want to nominate an organisation that might be great in this role, please let us know the name of the organisation and contact details.

To express your organisation's interest (with you as the active person), or to suggest another organisation, please email us at

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