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August 2015: Moodle Association Progress Update

August 2015: Moodle Association Progress Update

by Shannon Johnston -
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Rules Complete - Application for Incorporation In Progress

The Association Rules are complete and ready for submitting for approval as a legal Incorporation. Thank you very much to all of you who reviewed, gave feedback, and discussed the various clauses. Our lawyers also provided helpful local legal feedback. Apparently we have an innovative concept and approach - that's perfect for Moodle! We are also seeking a ruling to have membership fees exempt from GST (Goods and Services Tax) from the Australian Taxation Office.

Anticipated Time Frames

  • 01 Oct 2015 Apply for Incorporation with the Western Australian Department of Commerce (this is one month after advertising the intent)
  • start November: anticipate GST ruling (typically takes 2 months)
  • December: launch Association and the first ever full project cycle

Association Website:

The Website has a new improved look and a whole lot more content. We understand you've wanted more detail to support the decision by your organisations to join the Association. Hopefully this helps - if you have further questions or something is unclear, please contact us at .

The internal, password-protected Moodle site for all Association member business is almost ready, too! This means that once we are Incorporated as a legal not-for-profit entity, the Association can get straight to business.

What is the core business?

Proposing projects, developing specifications, voting, handing projects to Moodle HQ for development.

How will it work?

This screenshot gives you a sneak look inside the members-only area in final stages of development.


Next step: Initial Association Committee

As you know, the Association Committee will be selected and elected by the members, except the first Committee. The first Committee is chosen by Moodle HQ from volunteer organisations. We’ll now be selecting the Committee members. We have quite a few interested people, but we are still open to further expressions of interest from larger, Moodle-using organisations as potential initial Committee members for the next few weeks. Please email us at