Project development cycles

What is a Project Development Cycle?

The project development cycle is the main activity of the Moodle Users Association. Twice per year, members work through a cycle of project proposal development and project voting in three phases. 

Timeline of events

Phase 1: Project Development Phase (4 months) 

  • Projects are proposed, detailed requirements developed collaboratively
  • Moodle Pty Ltd and other Moodle developers consulted if required
  • Feasibility and relevance review by the Committee and Moodle HQ if requested

Phase 2: Project Consolidation Phase (1 month)

  • Project proposal development closed
  • Association Committee reviews projects for completeness of proposal, requirements and relevance
  • Moodle Pty Ltd provides cost estimates
  • Discussions can continue, eg regarding voting preferences.

Phase 3: Voting Phase (1 month)

  • Members vote for projects to be presented to Moodle HQ for Development using allocated voting points
    (Refer to our Membership page for allocated voting points per member type).

Phase 4: Committee Finalisation Phase (2 weeks)

  • Projects ranked for development from most votes to least by Association Committee
  • Successful projects are those ranked highest and are selected in order until all funding is allocated
  • Association Committee provides Moodle Pty Ltd with the project requirements and funding to develop the projects.

Unsuccessful projects are rolled over into the new Core Development Cycle if proposer wishes to continue.