Association activity

What is Moodle Users Association Activity?

The activities are deciding on development projects for Moodle core through developing project proposals that include detailed requirements for those projects.

This is done in two annual Project development cycles.

Where does MUA activity occur?

All activity occurs in the members' area of the Moodle Users Association website.

Occasionally the Association must have meetings - these are conducted using an online conferencing system, with Agendas, voting and pre- and post-meeting discussions in the members' area of the website.

The MUA welcomes members seeking input in their Moodle community, in online open forums, and at events such as Moodlemoots

In what language is Association activity conducted?

Moodle Users Association official activity is in English. However, discussions between members can be in whichever language is preferred, even in forums. As long as the final requirements are in English for all members to understand for voting.