About the Association

The Moodle Users Association Inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated association which helps to drive the Moodle project. It is a separate entity from Moodle Pty Ltd or any other entity involved in the Moodle open source project.

The Association extends the global Moodle community to complement Moodle Partner provision of services to their clients, Moodle project development by Moodle HQ, and existing various community engagement formats and forums, including individual developments for non-Core installations.

Coming together & keeping together

The Moodle Users Association brand represents people from across the community coming together to drive a single direction.


The Moodle trademark has been licensed to the Moodle Users Association for use in the name and for any official communications from the organisation. Members of the Moodle Users Association receive official member badges to identify themselves as participants of the Association.